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100 Tips to Improve Your Life; and LifeRemix.net Launched

I’m pleased to announce that Zen Habits has joined LifeRemix, a network of a handful of excellent personal enrichment blogs. LifeRemix blogs explore the topics of productivity, happiness, work and family balance, personal development, organization, and the environment.

To help with the network’s launch, I wrote a post called 100 Great Tips to Improve Your Life, which compiles some of the best tips from all the sites in the network.

LifeRemix compiles headlines from all of its member blogs, and the reason I joined is because all of them are extremely well written: Black Belt Productivity, Behance, Cranking Widgets, Dumb Little Man, Happiness Project, LifeClever, LifeDev, No Impact Man, Pick the Brain, Success From the Nest, Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Workweek, WiseBread, Unclutterer and Zen Habits.

The LifeRemix banner now will sit permanently in the sidebar here at Zen Habits.

What are the benefits of this network to you, the readers? They are two-fold, mostly:

  1. You’ll have access to great articles from some great sites. While I won’t be displaying the daily headlines from the other blogs every day, you can easily click on the LifeRemix banner in the sidebar to check them out, or subscribe to their feeds, and every now and then I’ll do a roundup of some of my favorites from the network.
  2. Great, fresh content on Zen Habits. I plan to ask the other members of the network to write guest posts for Zen Habits from time to time. Like I said, they’re all extremely well written, so this will help the site, especially for those of you who tire of my writing sometimes. :)

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