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Ask the readers: Zen To Done – minimal vs. full version?

OK, you’ve read the original Zen To Done (ZTD) system, and you’ve read the Minimalist ZTD system … now I’d like to know which you, the readers, prefer.

In order to help make this site better, I need your help with the following questions:

1) Which do you prefer: Full ZTD or Minimal?

2) I’ve been planning to write a post on each of the 10 Habits (which I’ve already started doing) and wanted to write them all at once, to get them out of my head and move on to other subjects … but I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much ZTD, and too much in your feed reader inbox. So: should I post all the ZTD stuff over the next day or so, or spread it out over a week, with other topics mixed in?

3) What topics (including ZTD) have you found most useful on this site? Any others that you’d like to read about? The request line is open!

So give me an earful, my friends! Answer one, two, or all three questions, and you can be assured that I will be listening.

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