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Best Posts in October – and September – With Some News!

I usually do a “Best Of” post at the end of each month, but I got so busy last month that I wasn’t able to do September’s. So this will be a Super Best Of, with two months in one.

I have to say that these last two months have been excellent for Zen Habits, thanks again to all of you, my wonderful readers. I am extremely grateful, each day, for the gift you’ve given me: giving me your time, reading my articles, giving amazing encouragement each day, helping me improve, becoming my friends, sending me emails, making suggestions, recommending Zen Habits to friends, voting for my articles on Digg and del.icio.us and and StumbleUpon other such sites to help new readers find the site.

In short, you’ve made doing Zen Habits a joy, and you’ve made it my passion. Thank you!

First bit of news: In the last month or so, Zen Habits became one of the Top 100 Blogs in Technorati (currently at 61) and passed the 20,000 subscribers milestone! That’s amazing, and I owe it all to you (and the great guest writers we’ve had recently). We’re also consistently hitting well over 1 million page views a month (1.3 million each of the last 2 months).

Second bit of news: Over the next few days, I expect to roll out the Zen Habits redesign. I quite like it, and I’m excited about it. More on this later.

Third bit of news: Once the redesign is rolled out, I will publish the Zen To Done (ZTD) e-book, which I’ve been working on for awhile. It’ll feel good to share this with you guys and complete this project.

Now on to the best posts of the last two months:



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