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Blog Action Day Reminder, Plus the Little Book of Productivity

Just wanted to remind everyone who is participating in Blog Action Day that it’s tomorrow (Oct. 15) … or actually today for anyone in my part of the globe. Don’t forget to write your Blog Action Day post!

For those who are unaware, Blog Action Day is one day a year (Oct. 15) when thousands of bloggers talk about one topic. Last year it was the environment, and this year it’s poverty. One day a year when bloggers unite to change the conversation. It’s a project started by Collis and Cyan Ta’eed, myself and a few other great people.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late — join in the action and make a difference!

Also see: 88 Ways to DO Something About Poverty Right Now

Little Book of Productivity

On another note … recently I shared with you guys a book I thought was pretty useful — Learn More, Study Less. It’s an ebook by blogger Scott Young on learning techniques that will help you learn things in a smarter way, without rote memorization.

Today I’d like to share with you a bundled deal that Scott is offering: another of his ebooks, The Little Book of Productivity, bundled together with Learn More, Study Less, for a 50% discount. The two books together are being offered for $24.95 (50% of the normal price of both books combined).

Preview the two books here:

The Little Book of Productivity is a great resource full of tips and methods for beating procrastination, becoming more efficient with your time, and focusing on important work. The contents:

  1. Beating Procrastination
  2. Becoming Organize
  3. Staying Energized
  4. Getting Things Finished
  5. Automate Your Routine
  6. Productivity Hacks
  7. Doing the Right Work

Get the two books in a combined 50% off deal here (this is an affiliate link).

Buy Now

Art of Manliness Man Cookbook

While I’m sharing ebooks, here’s a free ebook I’m pretty sure many of you will like:

The Art of Manliness Man Cookbook

It’s from one of my favorite blogs (AoM) and it compiles some of the best recipes from the blog’s readers.

6 Books to Knock Your Socks Off

And lastly, a book list from your favorite simplicity blogger (that’s me):

6 Books by Current Authors That Knock My Socks Off

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