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Fabulous Guest Posters and Changing Up the Zen Habits Routine

My dearest readers … I wanted to let you know about some changes you’ll be seeing over the next couple of weeks.

Due to a situation in my family (I’m fine, don’t worry), my writing time will be limited for the next two weeks or so. And so I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers to help me out with some guest posts … and boy have they come through for me!

I’m going to be throwing out the weekly schedule, temporarily, as we get some of these great writers to contribute. I’ll still be writing as well, but instead of only having one guest post a week I might have two, three or four. And I’ll still be around to read (and sometimes respond to) the comments.

And don’t worry — you won’t see any drop in quality. These writers are my favorites. They’re my equals … or my betters. And I’m deeply grateful to them for being here for me when I needed them.

Change and variety are good, so this is definitely a positive thing. So enjoy!

And please be kind to my guests. :)

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