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Great Ebook: Learn More, Study Less (With a Special Offer)

Are you a student who dreads studying, has problems getting great grades despite loads of studying, or just has a hard time memorizing facts and formulas and concepts?

I just finished reading Scott Young’s excellent ebook, Learn More, Study Less, and I highly recommend it for any student who fit one of the descriptions above. What’s more, I recommend the book to anyone who, like me, enjoys learning on his own, and wants to learn more effectively.

Take a look at the preview of the ebook here.

This is a seriously good ebook by an excellent writer with great credentials, in my opinion, and I’m excited to tell you guys that Scott has generously decided to offer Zen Habits readers (that’s you guys) a special 50% discount for one month on the ebook. (Note: The one-month offer has expired.)

Buy the ebook, Learn More, Study Less here: Buy Now

I’m recommending this ebook because I believe it to be of great value for anyone trying to learn something, especially if you’re a student. Scott has taken the process of learning and has hit upon the methods that most quick learners use, breaking it down into easily understandable and practical steps that any of us can implement. If you want to learn like the best learners do — the people who make learning seem easy, like Scott — this method will help you get there.

It’s not a magical formula. You still have to put in the work to study and learn, and that’s always a challenge. But this will show you a better way to do that, so that you really can learn more in less time, however impossible that seems. It’s a method that will help you retain information and concepts better, because you’ll understand them better. And because it’s a more efficient way of learning, it won’t take hours and hours of rote memorization of facts you’ll forget the day after the test (or worse yet, on the day of the test!).

Scott’s strategy is called the Holistic Learning Strategy, which isn’t as New Agey as it sounds. It’s actually a better way of learning that uses visual models to help you organize the information you’re trying to learn. Once Scott gives you the overview of this strategy (and an explanation for why it works so well), he goes into very practical techniques for implementing it … and these are things that anyone can use.

Part III of the book is a little book within a book, about being a more productive and organized student. This section is almost worth the price of the book itself, especially if you have trouble getting organized and working efficiently.

Part IV is like the “Quick Start” guide — you can skip to this section and get a great summary of the system and to get started right away.

Even with the 50% discount we’re offering here, the price of the ebook ($19.99 is the discounted price – expired) may seem a little high for some students … but the way I see it, you spend a thousand times that amount on tuition at a university, and I’ve seen students come out of a university education without having learned very much, simply because they never learned a method for learning that helped them retain any of the information they were studying.

This ebook is a tool that will make the thousands of dollars we spend on education actually worth the money. As with any tool, it’s only as valuable as the effort you put into using it. I hope it works well for you!

Buy the ebook, Learn More, Study Less: Buy Now

Update: Fixed the buy-now links. Also, the special offer is good for one month. Note: the one-month offer has expired.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links within this post, so I do make a commission on each sale from this site. However, despite this, my intention with this post was to share a very useful resource that I believe will help people. If you are not satisfied, please email me and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked. Seriously.

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