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I’m Running the Marathon This Weekend

By Leo Babauta

If you’ve noticed that I’ve been around a little less than usual in the past week, it’s because of two things:

1. I’m preparing for the launch of my book, The Power of Less, which comes out on Dec. 30. More exciting news on this soon!

2. I’m leaving Guam this morning to run the Honolulu Marathon! This means the usual preparations for a trip, which is especially difficult given No. 1 above. I’m actually on the plane as this is being published.

But as of today, I’m going to relax for at least four days! This will be my first non-Guam marathon, and with 27,000 people it should be a blast.

I’ve been training for this race for a few months, but unfortunately my training was interrupted by a longish bout with the flu a month ago so it was thrown off a bit. I’m not as prepared as I’d hoped, but I’m positive I can finish (even if I don’t finish as fast as I’d hoped).

My goal for the marathon was to run under 4 hours (my last marathon in March was 4 hrs 14 minutes), but with the interruption in training, coupled with what I’ve read is a very very crowded start, I think I’ll just abandon the goal of finishing under a certain time.

So my goals for the marathon (which is this Sunday, 5 a.m.!):

1. Have fun. With such a large race, it should be one big runner’s party.

2. Finish. I’m pretty sure I can do that unless I start way too fast or get injured.

If I do finish under 4 hours, that’s great, but no worries if I don’t. I just want to enjoy the race.

Thank you to everyone who has given me encouraging words, and especially to those who have sponsored my training (the donations don’t go to pay for my trip, but to a humanitarian cause). Your support and encouragement have helped me through my training, and you’ll all be with me during the race!

Side note: I considered carrying a mobile device while running the marathon and Twittering updates as I ran, but I decided I didn’t want to carry antyhing. :)

I’ll be sure to post a full race report as soon as I’m recovered!

I’m also looking forward to Honolulu, which I’ve never really visited (at least not as an adult). I have a Google Map with markers of places I want to go and restaurants I want to eat at (thanks to Allison for suggestions!), but Eva and I mostly want to take it easy and relax while we’re there.

It should be a fun trip!

While I’m gone, my friend Stephen Smith will be monitoring the blog and comments, so you’re in good hands. Thanks for your patience and I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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