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Leo Interviewed on Blogging by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger

Darren Rowse, the wonderful blogger of ProBlogger and other blogs, has given me the honor of an interview … about blogging and writing the Zen To Done e-book.

You can read it here:

Creating an eBook to Make Money Blogging – An Interview with Leo Babauta

It was interesting reflecting on what I do here at Zen Habits, and how I’ve tried to make it a success. Just in case I haven’t said it yet, I’m extremely grateful for all of you guys … you’ve made creating Zen Habits a daily joy.

As a note on the e-book: The response from you guys about the book has been overwhelming! The sales have vastly exceeded my highest hopes, and the feedback has been purely positive and encouraging. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! Thanks to everyone who purchased it so far. If you haven’t bought it, you can read more here.

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