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Create the Habit of Meditation, & the Zen Habits Premium Membership

Post written by Leo Babauta.

It’s something I should have created a long time ago: the Zen Habits Premium Membership, and a mini-course that’s included with it called Create the Habit of Meditation.

The membership is a monthly subscription of $19.99, but really it’s a commitment to changing your life, and the tools needed to do that.

If you’ve been looking to simplify, get healthy & fit, become more effective, do work you’re passionate about, eliminate debt, find contentment, declutter, create new habits … this new program is meant to show you how to do that.

I’ll be sharing the simple methods that have worked for me in hundreds of my experiments, have helped thousands in classes I’ve taught, and have been perfected through trial and error.

While the regular articles on Zen Habits will always be free, with this membership you’ll have bonus articles and videos, along with contributions and interviews from guest experts, live monthly webinars where you can ask questions, regular mini-courses on these topics, the ability to submit questions that I’ll answer in articles/videos, and more.

The membership is $19.99 a month, and for this first month, includes the Create the Habit of Meditation Mini-Course (more below).

The first round of registration for the Premium Membership is now closed, and will be closed for the rest of February.

Read more about the Zen Habits Premium Membership.

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