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New Zen Habits posting schedule

I want to thank everyone for posting their comments on my Ask the Readers post about reducing my posts from 7 a week to 5 a week, and dropping one of the categories. I’ve been going through all your comments, tallying everything up, and have decided based on all your great input to make the following changes:

1) I’ll be taking weekends off, unless I absolutely have something I want to post, and then I’ll keep the weekend option open. But on most weeks, I don’t plan to post on weekends.

2) The two least popular categories, based on your responses, seem to be Finance and Family, followed by GTD and Health. However, based on some of your comments, I am not going to eliminate a category entirely. Here’s my proposed lineup:

I know this will probably disappoint some of you, but I think this is a mix that many of you will like, and it’s one that I feel comfortable with.

At the same time, I retain the option of diverging from these themes whenever I feel like it.

Also, I will be trying to get some good guest writers for the blog to post every 1-2 weeks. However, please don’t write to me to ask to do a guest post. These will be by invitation only, and I have already lined up a few, so I won’t have room for anyone who writes to me. This isn’t to be exclusionary or anything, but I want to maintain a high quality on this blog and can’t let everybody write for it — I’m looking for good writers.

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