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Open Thread: Ask Me Anything You Want

A couple of months ago, I did an “Ask Me Anything You Want” thread, and it seemed to be well liked. At that time, I promised to do it again, and today I was thinking, “Hey, I don’t have enough to do today!”

So let’s do it again!

A few notes, before you start posting questions:

1. I am setting a limit, in the name of saving my productivity today: I’ll only give 30 answers. After that, you’re out of luck! :) (Hey, I gotta have a life!)

2. You can ask me anything, really. Advice, personal questions, things you’ve been wondering about me or this site, etc. However, I can choose not to answer. :)

3. As you are aware, I’m not an expert on most things. I might be considered an expert on a couple things, but on most topics, I’m just a regular guy who writes about these topics on my blog. Discount any of my advice accordingly.

That said, ask away!

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