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Reader Poll: What are Your Top 10 Favorite Posts on Zen Habits?

I decided to continue my decluttering of my blog (an endless process for me) by reducing the number of posts I list in the sidebar to just the Top 10. However, I realized that it’s too hard for me to choose.

So I said to myself, I said, Hey me, who would be the best to choose the Top 10 posts? And me replied with enthusiasm, it said, Hey self … the readers, of course! You silly!

And so, I’d like to find out what your favorite posts are on Zen Habits. I’m debuting my first-ever poll. Please vote! The results will be used not only in the sidebar, but for some other navigational-type stuff that me has planned.

You can vote for up to 10 items, but not more. RSS readers may have to click to the original post to view the poll (I actually don’t know, but I’m assuming).

Quick question and answer: Hey Leo, what if my favorite posts aren’t on here? Leo’s answer: Sorry, dear friend! I didn’t want to list the entire site. The poll’s long enough already! :)


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