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Rososo: Blog Subscriptions Made Simple

A few weeks ago I talked about Now Do This and the Single-Tasking Philosophy … a to-do list with the ultimate simplicity that I love.

This week the creators of Now Do This came out with a new web app that I also love for its simplicity: Rososo, an RSS reader for blog subscriptions that is unmatched in simplicity.

Rososo allows you to enter the blogs you’re interested in and easily see which blogs have been updated easily. What I like is the extremely simple interface. It’s reading philosophy is different than other RSS readers, so it might not be for everyone, but I like it and think it’s worth checking out.

I talked to one of the creators of Rososo, Jacob Lodwick, and asked him about the philosophy behind Rososo. His response:

“My email inbox is like a permanent snowfall, always accumulating. I can manage it, but why would I want a second inbox, in the form of a newsreader? This is the idea of Rososo: How can I follow my bookmarks without a feeling of obligation, of accumulation? Billy and I solved it in the simplest possible way. We present the user with her bookmarks, detecting the updated ones with RSS. But we don’t show the updates themselves. RSS means “Really Simple Syndication”, but we’re not syndicating anything — and the results are more peaceful.

As a bonus, you get to read your bookmarks in context. Compare an article on zenhabits.net or slashdot.org to a syndicated article from that site in a newsreader. You lose all the personality. The font, the layout, the whole mood of the site is lost. Rososo lets you read your bookmarks as the author intended.

We all need more simplicity in our lives. I find inspiration in everyday objects like vinyl records, paperclips, and houseplants. These things are what they are. Your plant doesn’t say “PLANT” on it, so why put a big logo on a website? When someone types rososo.com, they already know the site! We try to cut out everything that is not completely necessary. I think we were successful with NowDoThis, and I think Rososo is getting there, though we’re certainly open to suggestions from your readers, who are the most thoughtful I’ve encountered on the web.”

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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