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Some Great Links, and the New Zen Habits Reddit Community

While I bask in the glow of the RNC, I’ll leave you guys with some of my favorite links in the past week or so. If you’re a subscriber to my tumblelog, many of these will seem familiar.

Also, see below for an open-source-style way to share links with the Zen Habits community …

The Zen Habits Reddit Community

About a week ago, I opened up a new community on Reddit, which has made its code open-source and now allows anyone to set up their own Reddit community. Those of you who follow me on Twitter were invited to join soon after.

Now I’m inviting you, all the readers of Zen Habits, to join and participate in the Zen Habits Reddit Community.

To anticipate some of your questions:

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments!

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