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Take This Quiz: Are You an Under-buyer or an Over-buyer?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from one of my favorite bloggers, Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project.

I love a good self-diagnosis quiz.
What kind of clutterer are you?
Are you organized?
Are you at risk for dropping out of your exercise program?

Here’s a new quiz that you can take to determine whether you belong in one of two opposite groups: over-buyers and under-buyers.

As members of each category will freely attest, it’s not particularly productive to be in too deep in either camp; both offer certain advantages but also some definite drawbacks.

Does either of these descriptions fit you?

You’re an over-buyer if.

You’re an under-buyer if.

Me? I’m an under-buyer.

Under-buyers feel stressed because we don’t have the things we need. We make a lot of late-night runs to the drugstore. We’re surrounded with things that are shabby, don’t really work, or aren’t exactly suitable.

Over-buyers feel stressed because they’re hemmed in by stuff. They often don’t have enough storage space for everything they’ve bought, or they can’t find what they’ve bought. They feel oppressed by the number of errands they feel like they need to do and by the waste often created by their over-buying.

So under-buyers-buy what you need, without procrastination! Don’t wait for the first morning of your ski trip to buy ski gloves! Over-buyers-think it over before you whip out your wallet! You don’t need a ten-year supply of toothpaste!

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