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The Bloggers of Kindness

A little over a week ago, I wrote Faith in Humanity: How to Bring People Closer, and Restore Kindness … and the response was overwhelming. As of this writing there are 168 comments on that post, making it one of my most commented posts ever.

And in that post, I promised to do a “Bloggers of Kindness” post, linking up to my fellow bloggers who talk about kindness and the concept of paying it forward. The response from the blogging world was very nice … a few dozen bloggers responded.

Thank you all, for spreading kindness this holiday season, for paying it forward, for helping make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time.

You are all awesome people.

You can do a little kindness for these bloggers: go and read some of their posts, and if you like them, take a look around at their blog … if it interests you, subscribe. It won’t cost you much except a little bit of your time, and it will make a blogger very happy. :)

Listed here are some great bloggers who are helping spread kindness throughout the world … followed by a few bloggers I’d like to thank (be sure to read that section as there are some things I’d like to share).

Art of the Firebird: Remembering to Pay It Forward (Talks about small kindnesses to strangers.)

Experiments in Living: Season of Goodwill (Series) (An awesome post – author has named a number of great ways she’ll pay it forward.)

Can the World Hear Me: How did we lose the kindness? (Great thoughts on thanking your friends.)

Simply Blissful: I made it, and I am paying it forward (She gave away free tarot card readings — very interesting!)

blatternet.ch: 7 Ideen, sich and sein Umfeld zu verändern (This is for German readers … I can’t understand it, but it looks interesting.)

The Healthy Living Lounge: Spreading some healthy living kindness times 10 (Gave away 10 free healthy living tools — very generous!)

Father Sez …: Paying it Forward – How it relates to bringing up our children (How doing good things for our children is paying it forward from what our parents gave us.)

It’s all about joy!: Joy in Zen Habits’ Great Post on Kindness (Volunteered at a nursing home and food shelter – wow!)

Avoxtar 2.0: Random acts of kindness – Giving and receiving (Wrote 5 letters to strangers thanking them for doing a great job – excellent!)

mytropicalescape.com: 5 Tips For a Better Life Starting Today Based on Subsistence Living (Excellent insights based on other societies.)

Book Club Classics: A little bit better… (Finding ways to make people’s lives better through blogging.)

Interesting Observations: Random Act of Kindness (Inspiring others through volunteerism – awesome!)

The Calm Tech Coach: Pay it forward and get sorted! (Kind offer of a new book – almost certainly already given away.)

Beyond Behaviors: How Character Education and Avoiding the “Microwave Mentality” Can Change the World (Start with the children. I agree completely.)

Seeking Sanctuary: As Good An Excuse As Any! (Recording acts of kindness paid by others, and trying to increase the ratio of kindnesses received vs. kindnesses paid.)

Wellness Coach.com: What will you do continuously? (Put up a yellow stickie on her mirror: “How will you spread kindness today?” Excellent idea!)

Freebies 4 Mom: Pay It Forward – Be a coupon fairy (Give coupons to strangers – so wonderful!)

MikeTheory.com: Pay It Forwarder (Some beautiful acts of kindness!)

Goodlife Zen: Circle of Kindness – Pay It Forward (“Kindness is medicine for the world.”)

Simple Weight: Pay it forward – Simple Weight Loss Style! (Inspiration, donations, and free subscriptions!)

One Life: Paying it forward (“Long Term Goal #5. To help restore kindness to the world.”)

Ian’s Messy Desk: Bits and Pieces (Didn’t really talk about kindness in this post, but helped spread the word — plus, this is an excellent GTD blog!)

Sivin Kit’s Garden: Random links (Also just spreading the word, but much appreciated.)

brip blap: linklings “is it snowing yet?” edition (Also spreading the word … thanks!)

Here and Back Again: Faith in Humanity (Thanks for spreading the word.)

Vote for a friend, read an interview, a muscle-building ebook, and thank yous

1. Help out Brett! If you have some extra kindness in you today, head over to the American Bar Association Journal’s Blawg 100 voting and vote for my friend Brett of The Frugal Law Student (an excellent blog on frugality, by the way). Brett is a great guy, positive, intelligent, hard-working … and deserving of recognition. Plus, he needs help against competition that I think is unfairly stacking the vote.

2. Interview at mytropicalescape.com: 10 questions with Leo Babauta of Zen Habits (This is one of the better interviews with me … if you’re interested in a deeper look into my life and psyche, here’s a good read.)

3. Ebook to gain muscle. My friend Medhi of StrongLifts.com has released a free ebook on building muscle with a beginner strength training program and how-tos on key exercises: StrongLifts 5×5. I’m giving the program a try myself, and I’d recommend you give it a look. All you have to do is subscribe to his blog, and you’ll get the ebook for free.

4. Some quick thank-yous. Finally, I’d like to wrap up this post by thanking just a few of my blogging friends … people who have been very kind to me recently. This is only a short list, as it would be impossible to be comprehensive, so if you’re not on this list please don’t be offended … I just didn’t have time to come up with a more comprehensive list right now.

Anyway, a quick but heartfelt thank you to these bloggers (check out their blogs if you haven’t): Tina Su of Think Simple Now, Agent Sully of LifeLearningToday, Glen of LifeDev, Collis and Cyan Ta’eed of FreelanceSwitch, Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, David of the Good Human, Mike St. Pierre of The Daily Saint, Stephen Smith of Business Development in Context, David of LivSimpl, Andrew Flusche of Legal Andrew, Greg and Will of WiseBread, Edward Mills of Evolving Times, Aaron Potts of Today is that Day, Lodewijk van den Broek of How to Be an Original, and J.D. Roth of Get Rich Slowly, to name just a few.

Happy holidays everyone!

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