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The Great Twitter Experiment

I’m going to cave in and give Twitter a try.

I’ve resisted for so long only because I like to keep my communication habits to a minimum. I don’t like to have to respond to and read messages all day long. I like to keep my life simple and focus on what I really love to do, and my fear has been that Twitter will take me away from that.

However, I figure it’s worth a try at least. You can follow me if you like (though it won’t have any ground-breaking news or anything): Zen Habits on Twitter.

Here’s my game plan, to keep my Twitter usage simple:

  1. It’s a limited experiment — if I don’t find it useful after a week or two, and I find myself using it too much, I’m outta there.
  2. I will pick a few times a day when I’ll briefly scan through messages, and then do an update and maybe a few replies if I have time. I don’t plan to be on all the time.
  3. I won’t be following a thousand people. I just can’t possibly read that many messages a day. So if you follow me but I don’t follow you, please don’t be insulted — I’m just trying to keep my life simple.

I’ll report back in a week or two and let you know the results of my experiment. :)

Any tips for optimizing your use of Twitter? For keeping it simple? Any Twitter haters, or lovers? Shout em out in the comments!

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