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Zen Habits on Honeymoon – Plans for the Next Couple Weeks

Hi guys … as I mentioned before, I’m getting married in a couple of days, and then immediately leaving for my honeymoon in Thailand. I’m really looking forward to it, but I’m sad to say that I’ll be away from Zen Habits for a couple weeks (actually until after the first week of July).

However, I’m not leaving my faithful readers in the cold. Zen Habits will still be running, but writing from me will be a little less frequent — I’m going to ask for your help, the help of other bloggers, and your patience during my absence. I’ve got some good guest posts lined up, and have prepared some posts of my own.

The Zen Habits Honeymoon Schedule

Starting next week, Zen Habits will be running the following:

Comments will be in good hands

While these posts are being published, I won’t be around to respond to any comments (though I will do my best to catch up and read them later). I’m not bringing a laptop and will try to avoid Internet cafes.

However, my blogging friend and assistant, Stephen Smith, will be helping me out by responding to comments as needed. Just think of him as a surrogate Leo — he’ll be keeping me apprised of things, and if there’s anything urgent that needs my attention, he’ll wake me from my rum-induced stupor in my Thai bungalow.

Please, please treat Stephen kindly as he handles things around here — it would be most appreciated.

And most of all, remember that I am grateful to all of you for your readership, your participation in the Zen Habits community, and your encouragement in the 18 months of Zen Habits’ existence. I love you all!

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