The 44 – The Closing Lesson

The 44 – The Closing Lesson

By Leo Babauta

I really enjoyed working with you guys for this 44 Training Program — I hope you’ve found it helpful!

In this closing video, I talk about practicing beyond this course.

How to Practice Beyond the Course: Everything is the Path

In this video, I guide you through the practice of seeing everything as the path. Please give this a try!

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Final Tips

Finally, I’d like to offer a few tips for continuing your practice and using these practices in your daily life.

  1. Train every day, just a little. You’ll be amazed at how much change you can create with small training every day. Just 5-10 minutes of meditation, focusing on one of these practices, will change your entire life, I believe.
  2. Pick one practice a week. Jumping around between different practices would probably be fine, but you’ll really see a difference if you can pick one practice and stick with it for a week or so. Then move on to another, and repeat.
  3. If you miss a day or three, don’t despair. The common tendency is to just give up, to not want to think about it, to think, “Ah, screw it!” This is the perfect place to practice, in the middle of “Ah, screw it!” At this point, just pause, and notice your story, drop into your body, and work with it using one or more of the practices you’ve learned.
  4. Teach it to others. If you can teach someone (who seems receptive and in need) one or more of these practices, you’ll learn it better yourself. If you try to teach but realize you don’t fully understand it, go back to the video and try again.
  5. Whenever you’re having trouble with anything in life, that’s the place to practice. Going through a hard time in your relationship? Feeling lonely? Having a hard time at work, at school, with your kids or parents? Frustrated, angry, resentful? These are the perfect practice grounds for what we’re learning. Find a practice to work with your difficulty, and rejoice in the opportunity to learn and grow!

Learn More with Me

If you’re interested in working with me in person, I plan to hold retreats in various locations around the world to work face-to-face on these important practices … you can sign up for notifications about future retreats here.

Or you can join my Sea Change Program to work with me each month on a different topic.

No pressure, I hope you’ve enjoyed this program. I sure have.

I am incredibly grateful for your loving presence.