The 44: Relaxing Into the Moment

The 44: Relaxing Into the Moment

I hope your training is going well so far. Today, let’s talk about relaxing into the moment.

This is such a simple technique, but one that can have profound consequences.

In each moment, we often feel resistance to whatever we’re experiencing:

And so on. All of these bring tension into our minds and bodies. The tension makes us less than happy. It takes its toll on us over the course of a day, a week, a year, a lifetime.

So the technique is to relax into the moment:

  1. Sit still (or stand still) and notice any tension in your body & mind.
  2. Relax the tense parts of yourself.
  3. Just allow yourself to relax into the moment, whatever is in this current moment.

This is a relaxing into whatever you’re experiencing, including negative aspects of the experience. It’s not necessary to like what you’re experiencing, but just try relaxing into the experience.

This is something you can practice in any moment, in any place, with anyone. And it can bring a bit of peace to that moment. Practice it!