zen habits : breathe

Rituals & Depth Year Dashboard

I hope to keep this page fairly updated throughout 2018, to keep me accountable for my daily rituals and Depth Year constraints.

For 2018, I’ve picked a handful of focuses:

  1. Meditation/mindfulness
  2. Healthy eating
  3. Fitness
  4. My mission (work focus)
  5. Deepening personal relationships
  6. Practicing yoga

To make these focuses actually happen, I’m focusing on a number of rituals right now:

  1. Morning meditation
  2. A Focus Session (to work on my mission) in the morning
  3. Cook a healthy meal (to be eaten at breakfast & dinner)
  4. Afternoon workout or run
  5. Evening yoga
  6. Formally close my eating period for the day at 7pm (called “Fasting” in the dashboard below, meaning I won’t snack after 7pm)

I won’t be perfect at these, but I’m going to try to do them as consistently as I can.


My Depth Year in 2018 has these constraints:

  1. Don’t buy new things (unless absolutely necessary). I already have everything I need.
  2. Don’t take up new hobbies. I want to go deeper with the hobbies and skills I already have. Each year I get consumed by a new hobby, but this year I won’t allow that.
  3. Don’t get new books. I already have a shelf full of 20 books I want to read. I’ve created a reading list (mostly mindfulness books, plus Infinite JestUlysses), The Mysteries of Pittsburgh and Jesus’ Son), and I don’t plan on getting any new books until I’ve finished those. And if I do finish the list, there are plenty at the library.
  4. Finish the magazines & online articles I already have. Stop looking for new things to read! I have lots already saved.

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