If You’re Starting Sea Change Mid-Month

If You’re Starting Sea Change Mid-Month

By Leo Babauta

So you’ve signed up for the Sea Change Program, but not at the beginning of the month, and the current month’s module has already started. That’s OK!

Whether you’re coming in during the 2nd week, the 3rd week, or even the 4th, you’re totally fine to start today.

There’s no requirement that you start at any specific day. A calendar month is only a convenience, but habits don’t work according to the calendar.

Here are some good possibilities:

  1. Do the remainder of the month. Just start today, at the beginning of the current month’s plan, and do however many days are left in the month. Then next month you can start at the beginning of that month’s module. You can always re-do this month’s module during a later month when we focus on something you’re not so interested in.
  2. Do 30 days starting today. If next month’s module isn’t that interesting to you, you can start today and do the current month’s plan for 30 days. Then, for the remainder of next month, you can either keep going with the same plan (extend it beyond the 30 days) or do some of next month’s module.
  3. Do this current module later. Look at the list of upcoming modules on the Member Home Page, and see if there’s a month that you’re not interested in. You can swap that month out and do this month’s module for that month instead. For the remainder of this month, you can start on this month’s module, or try a bit of a previous module.

Which option you choose isn’t important — just pick one and get started today!