The 44 – Practice 10: Bodhisattva Path

The 44 – Practice 10: Bodhisattva Path

By Leo Babauta

This lesson and practice are continuing to push us into (often) unexplored realms, what might seem woo-woo or too mystical to many of you. I promise you it’s not mystical – it’s very down-to-earth and practical.

What we talk about today is the mission I’m on: to try to help all others with their struggles, to feel connected to the hearts of others, and to stay with our own pain as a way of connecting to and helping others with their pain.

This is fundamentally practical in everyday life, because this practice helps us to stop procrastinating, stop running from pain and fear, to push into discomfort and explore new ways of being, to love others and connect with people on a new level. This is about happiness, love and life. Please give it a shot!

The Practice – Bodhisattva Path

In this video, I guide you through the practice of connecting to the hearts of others and getting out of your narrow self-concern.

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