The 44 – Practice 2: Body Scan

The 44 – Practice 2: Body Scan

By Leo Babauta

So you’ve been doing Practice 1 (breath meditation) for four days, and you’re ready to start Practice 2 … congratulations!

The next meditation is around awareness of body sensations. We’ll scan our entire body, one part at a time, trying to bring non-judgmental awareness to whatever sensations we can notice.

This is a very fundamental practice because it will set up the foundation for future practices. Plus it can be a relaxing practice!

The Practice – Body Scan

In this video, I guide you through the practice of bringing your awareness to your body, one part at a time.

Please note that if you want to do it for shorter (or longer), you can do it without the guided meditation after watching the video for instructions.

[Download video or download audio]

Practice this every day for four days. Feel free to also spend a minute noticing your breath after you’re done with the body scan.