The 44: Leaning Into What Scares You

The 44: Leaning Into What Scares You

I hope your training is going well so far. Today, let’s talk a little about fear.

Normally, we run from what scares us. We don’t even know we’re doing it, but we do it daily … when we procrastinate, when we avoid uncomfortable situations, when we build our lives around not having pain or discomfort. It actually limits us in profound ways, in ways we don’t realize we’re limited.

If we can move into the discomfort and fear, then we can expand our range. We have more freedom, less restriction, more abilities in life. This takes practice, because first we have to be aware of the fears, then we need to train in them. Lean into them. Learn to relish these scary areas.

Instead of running away from what scares you, every day you might lean into those scary areas. What discomfort can you give yourself today? See it as essential training.

The training we’re doing every day in this program is exactly that. It will be uncomfortable and scary for a lot of people. That’s perfect. Embrace it!

Some other ideas for leaning into what scares you:

  1. Find something you’re procrastinating on and lean into the discomfort of it.
  2. Face a scary project you’ve been trying not to think about.
  3. Have a difficult conversation you’re afraid of having.
  4. Talk to strangers.
  5. Put yourself in uncomfortable social situations.
  6. Push yourself a bit with exercise.
  7. Try new foods, recipes, ways of cooking.
  8. Dance in public.
  9. Learn something new and difficult.
  10. Meditate for longer than you usually do.

Lean into it. Embrace it. Find the deliciousness of it.

And in doing so, you’re creating more freedom for yourself.