Zen Habits Meditation Room

As the uncertainty in the world grows, we’re offering multiple meditation sessions a day, to help the Zen Habits community come together in this time of groundlessness.

Join us here in this Zoom room:

Zen Habits Meditation Room

The meditations will often be live streamed into our Zen Habits Practicing Mindfulness group on Facebook.

Daily Schedule

This schedule might change from day to day, but we intend to hold about 3 meditations each day.

You can join at one of these times:

  1. Morning meditation with Coyote Jackson: 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern (14:00 GMT) – for 15-30 minutes
  2. Mid-day meditation with Leo Babauta: Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern (19:00 GMT) – for 15-20 minutes [UPDATE: Leo will not be doing this mid-day meditation on Tuesdays, though you’re welcome to come sit in silence at this time.)
  3. Evening meditation (silent, not guided): 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern (01:00 GMT) – for 30 minutes. We will sit together but no one will guide the meditation.

Once again, join us here in this Zoom room: Zen Habits Meditation Room

Instructions for downloading Zoom.

If you join and there is nobody there, enjoy the space! Use it to sit and do your own meditation.