My Parenting Interview; and Everything Else You Ever Wanted To Know About Leo Babauta

I always feel a bit embarrassed when someone asks to interview me — I’d rather be the one asking the questions. Being interviewed is a bit like being naked in public: you’re really exposing yourself, more than you normally would to total strangers.

That said, just interviewed me about being a parent, in case you’re interested:

Leo Babauta on Parenting and Family

And for those who didn’t catch them the first time around, I thought I’d share some past interviews with me. As someone who’s done interviews of other people all my life, it’s a bit weird — the first time I was interviewed was earlier this year, by Nneka of Balanced Life Center.

Balanced Life Center: Presenting Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

The Good Human: Improve Your Life – An Interview With Leo

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The Beta News: Show Me Your Desktop, Leo Babauta

Productivity 501: Best Post, Biggest Time Waster and Becoming Effective

Connected Internet: Bloggers Cribs – Leo Babauta

And if that didn’t oversaturate you with details about me, here’s more:

Open Thread: Ask Me Anything You Want

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