recipe: scrambled tofu

recipe: scrambled tofu

scrambled tofu

Editor’s note: This recipe is from Jules Clancy of Stone Soup.

scrambled tofu recipe

quantities for different serving sizes

You could easily halve or double the recipe. Any larger might be problematic for fitting it in the pan though!

prepare ahead?

This can easily be prepared ahead and reheated when you’re ready to eat. Although I’d probably save adding the spinach until the last minute to keep it as fresh as possible.

variations for dietary requirements & fun

onion-free – Just skip the onion.

troubleshooting guide

burning on the bottom – If your heat is too high or you’re not stirring enough, it may burn a little. Just take it off the heat and give a good stir and keep cooking on a more gentle heat.

too bland – this dish is really relying on your turmeric to flavour so make sure yours is not really old and stale. Also be generous with the salt and pepper. I find tofu needs a lot of seasoning.

mushy – Make sure you use a firm tofu and allow it to drain before crumbling. If you’re finding it too mushy you could tip everything into a strainer and remove the excess liquid before reheating in the pan.

serving suggestions

Great on its own.

leftover potential

Will easily reheat.