Recipes: The Mindful Diet

The Mindful Diet Recipes

3 channa marsala

The Mindful Diet recipes are meant to be simple, healthy, easy to make, with delicious real food. We’re lucky to have contributions from a fantastic simple food blogger, Jules Clancy of Stone Soup. Check out her great blog for more amazing recipes.

Below are also some of Leo’s favorite recipes.

Stonesoup Simple Recipes

From Jules Clancy of Stone Soup:

  1. raw broccoli & feta salad
  2. channa marsala [quick chickpea curry]
  3. tuna & spinach salad
  4. chickpea & goats cheese salad
  5. mushroom ‘steaks’
  6. black quinoa & broccolini salad
  7. scrambled tofu
  8. mel & carlos’ green eggs
  9. fiery tomato & couscous soup
  10. beef & broccoli stir fry

Leo’s Simple Recipes

These are my absolute favorite simple and healthy recipes:

  1. Chock-full Oatmeal
  2. Zen Habits three-bean veggie chili
  3. Best Soup Ever
  4. Leo’s scrambled tofu

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