The Art of Letting Go Weekend Intensive

We’re excited to invite you to the first Zen Habits Weekend Intensive!

Dates: Oct. 19-21, 2023

Location: Art of Living Center in North Carolina

Theme: The Art of Letting Go (or, the Love Story of the Unknown)

In this weekend intensive, we ask you to take 2 days away from your life, and to be fully on retreat. Step away from your usual routine, and let yourself practice something different.

Take some spaciousness for reflection, and for deciding to try something different in your life.

And then do some deeper work with Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, as we practice letting go, and stepping into the unknown.

The Power of Letting Go

We resist the unknown, cling to our old identity, and feel the lack of safety in the unknown. This stands in the way of creating something new for ourselves, of offering our meaningful work, and of playing and finding joy in the unknown. But what if we could find the sacredness in this space?

What if we could let go of safety and doing things the way we know … and step into a new mode?

In this weekend intensive, you will:

The commitment is $1,800, including accommodations & meals. If you’re ready to claim your spot, dive in here:

🌟 A Journey to Self-Discovery 🌟

Uncover the reasons why we hold onto the past and resist the call of the future. Through immersive workshops and guided introspection, you’ll illuminate the corners of yourself where clinging has taken root. Learn why and how we cling, and discover the profound impact it has on every facet of your life.

💫 Embrace the Power of Now 💫

As you get present to the repercussions of your attachments, you’ll embark on a path of liberation. Release the weight of your old identity and open yourself to the boundless beauty of the unknown. Discover the opportunity of staying and finding love in the unknown, a space where growth and transformation live.

🎨 Crafting in the Realm of Possibility 🎨

Experience the exhilaration of creation as you navigate uncharted waters. Our skilled facilitators will guide you through techniques to practice creating in the unknown, helping you birth new and meaningful facets of your life’s work.

🕯️ Rituals of Embrace and Focus 🕯️

In the heart of uncertainty, find solace and strength through sacred rituals. Our retreat will empower you to create sacred rituals for uncertainty and focus, anchoring you in the present moment while igniting the flame of your aspirations.

🌻 Connection, Wonder, and Play 🌻

In the unknown, discover the thrill of connection. Forge bonds with fellow participants, and together, find connection, wonder, and play in the unknown. Rediscover the joy that arises when we relinquish control and let life unfold.

The Location

The weekend intensive will be held at the Art of Living Center in Boone, North Carolina. It’s a beautiful space designed for meditative retreats, set on a mountaintop amidst 380 acres of pristine forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

During your stay, you will have some time for personal reflection & relaxation. You can explore forest trails or enjoy the fresh mountain air – it’s really incredible.

Accommodations are in the on-campus housing, with comfortable rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms.

Meals are included – all meals are vegetarian, made from fresh, seasonal ingredients, served buffet-style.

The campus is meat- and alcohol-free in the public spaces (you can consume them in your private space). The entire campus is smoke-free.

Book Your Spot Now

Spots are limited, so we encourage you to book as soon as possible.

The fee is $1,800, and you can claim your spot here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your cancelation policy?

We have a no refunds policy. If you can’t make it due to an emergency, we are happy to apply the fee you’ve paid to a future event.

How do I get there?

If you’re flying in, book your flight to the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport (CLT) in Charlotte, NC. You’ll take a shuttle from there.

Are meals & accommodations an extra cost?

No, meals & accommodations are included in the fee.

I have food allergies, can I eat there?

Yes, if you have food allergies simply inform us so we can communicate those needs to the chef. Typically, the dining center labels potential allergens such as gluten, dairy, and nuts.