Zen Habits Workshops, Events & Retreats

I’ve started doing live workshops, events & retreats in different cities … as a way of meeting my mission and working with people on mindfulness, focus, uncertainty and more.

What I’ve done so far:

The Zen Productivity Workshop: Skills include focus, mindfulness, simplicity, organization, overcoming distraction and procrastination, and letting go. (Held so far in NYC, SF, LA, & San Diego)

In these workshops and retreats, I’ll be working with you live, in a fairly small group of about 15-20 people (or so), and you’ll learn a lot over the course of two days. It’ll be fun and amazing. I’m really looking forward to it!

I hope to do more workshops in different cities in the future, and will also hold retreats in peaceful locations, as well as different talks and events.

Finally, I’m creating a new small-group program called the Fearless Mastery Program, that will be a group of about 20 people working on retraining habitual patterns to push into uncertainty with openness, joy and gratitude to meet their life purpose. You can sign up to this list to be notified of when it will open up for applications later this year.

Sign up here to get notified first about upcoming workshops and events, as well as my small-group program, so you can sign up early (before they fill up).


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