The 44: Preliminary Contemplation

The 44: Preliminary Contemplation

By Leo Babauta

Before we start training with the Practices, I’d like you to take a couple days to reflect on a few things … to motivate ourselves to take this practice seriously and stick with it.

We’re motivating ourselves to begin again … because we’re always just beginning again, in each moment, after each screw-up, with fresh eyes.

Watch the video below, then look underneath it for some additional instructions …

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So the four contemplations are:

  1. The preciousness of life
  2. The briefness of life
  3. The inevitability of suffering
  4. The awesome power of our actions.

I ask that you simply take a couple minutes to contemplate these things as I shared in the video … today and tomorrow, and preferably for a few moments at the start of each of your 44 Training sessions.