6 Annoying Fetishes I Talk Too Much About

Note: If you’re looking for useful information, you can skip this post. I just felt like having fun and taking a few minutes to break from my usual beaten path.

You know how there are some things that people are way too proud of? That they buy T-shirts for and spout off about endlessly? Things like iPhones and wine and serving in the military.

I’m guilty of that on so many levels.

This short post just serves as a confession, to get the guilt of it all off my chest, and to remind myself to wean myself of these things.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back, analyze ourselves, and give ourselves the blunt, honest truth.

So here are 6 things I obsess over and am way too proud of and talk way too much about, annoyingly.

  1. Coffee. Well, I don’t actually talk about this much, but I do love coffee, and I know that coffee geeks are very annoying. We make such a big deal about how we HAVE to have our coffee, and what our favorite coffee is, and how much we drink. I’ve actually drastically reduced my coffee consumption, but I’m still a coffee geek at heart. Boy are we annoying.
  2. Macs. I’m actually a recovering Macaholic. And Mac fans can be the most annoying on earth (sorry, fellow Mac fans, I love you all). I’m in between Macs right now, but I’ve been a fan since the 80s, and actually still have some geeky relics of my Mac addiction (including a very old (and hole-ridden) T-shirt with a picture of Clarus the Dogcow that says, of course, “Moof!”). God, what a geek I am.
  3. Gmail. I came late to the Gmail game, discovering it only a year and a half ago, when a friend of mine said, “Dude, why aren’t you using Gmail?” Now I can’t imagine living without it, and I annoyingly say to friends and family who are still using Hotmail or Yahoo or (gasp) Outlook, “Dude, why aren’t you using Gmail?” And then, when they tell me they haven’t even heard of it, I proceed to spout off for 10 minutes about the virtues of Gmail. And then I secretly consider disowning my friends and family for not knowing about Gmail. Apologies to Hotmail or Yahoo or Outlook fans — you guys are great.
  4. Firefox. I know that Firefox is all the rage, so many people who use the Internet regularly qualify as fellow Firefox freaks, but I’m still amazed by the vast numbers of people in this world who still use Internet Explorer, and worse yet, haven’t even heard of Firefox. My friends and family among them. And I try to get them to convert, as if I’m some kind of Firefox evangelist, going door to door. I’m not sure why this matters so much to me. But I’m seriously considering disowning my friends and family.
  5. Veganism. I’m not actually a full vegan, as I still eat some foods that have eggs or dairy, but I’m slowly transitioning to complete veganism and fully subscribe to the vegan philosophy. My favorite T-shirt, at the moment, is my worn Herbivore Cross T-shirt, which is so comfortable. People, of course, always ask me about it, and that gives me a chance to evangelize about veganism (while they smugly wave a greasy burger in front of my face). I think vegans and vegetarians are nearly as smug as meat eaters. :)
  6. Simplicity. I’ve been a fan of simplicity for a decade now, and I can safely call myself a minimalist. I would brag about a minimalist T-shirt, but I think that would just be a plain T-shirt with no logos or slogans (and I actually own a few like that). The thing is, I talk about simplicity to people I know too much, I think, and that’s just annoying.

What about you guys? Have any annoying fetishes that you talk too much about? Are you an evangelist about anything? Have geeky T-shirts that show off your fetishes? Let us know in the comments.