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Fearless Habits

Fearless Habits is the first pillar of training inside the Fearless Living Academy. You’ll learn how to create basic habits, and the key concepts and methods for changing habits so they stick. You’ll deep into the skills you need to create any habit. You’ll start with a simple habit to create in a month, and learn how to apply the key habit skills to this beginner habit. This will continue to set you up for habit success.

You’ll learn to create a simple morning routine and start your day off well. Nourishing rituals, meditation, and focus practices can be a foundation part of a well-lived life.

You’ll start or deepen into the keystone habit of meditation that will help you to create all other habits. The habit of mindfulness helps you to bring awareness to old habits and thought patterns that have been automatic for years.

Fearless Habits includes 8 additional modules in FLA all designed to help you deepen into sustainable habits that will support your success for the rest of your life.

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Fearless Purpose is the second pillar of training inside the Fearless Living Academy. You’ll explore what it looks like to do something that has meaning beyond our usual concerns. You’ll activate two guiding principles for zeroing in on your purpose and 7 key actions that you can take to get started today.

You’ll explore possibility and learn what limits us when we stay inside our “bubble”, and specific actions you can take to break out and take a wider view of life.

You’ll learn what it means to “listen for your purpose” and a specific line of inquiry that will help you get clarity and turn towards possibility.

You’ll explore the truths about your uncertain life path and work with 5 actionable steps that will change your relationship with the uncomfortable feelings that arise.

You’ll find many additional trainings and exercises all designed to help you deepen into discovering or clarifying your purpose. Life isn’t just about improving ourselves – it’s about doing something meaningful, with a sense of purpose.

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Fearless Impact is the third pillar of training inside the Fearless Living Academy. Once you have some clarity on your purpose, it’s time to put it into action and start creating the impact you want on the world. You’ll learn how to actually start to make your purpose a reality.

You’ll learn The Fearless Method & how to practice with patterns. You’l get clear on how the patterns of avoidance, procrastination, perfectionism, and more are getting in the way of doing your meaningful work. You’ll then learn to work with these patterns to start to shift them.

You’ll learn how some of your beliefs can cause you to limit yourself from taking courageous action. The things we do that we want to change are cause by these beliefs, and bringing awareness to them allows us to create new empowering beliefs that deepen our impact on the world.

You’ll cultivate commitment and structure that will help you create the meaningful impact you want to make in the world. This will deepen your training and give you the space to do the work you’ve been longing to do.

You’ll learn how to turn towards the resistance and open to finding focus in the middle of uncertainty.

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Zen Habits Monthly Workshops

Monthly live workshops that are offered within the Fearless Living Academy. Recordings are added to the on-demand training library each month.

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Fearless Mastery

Are you an entrepreneur or founder seeking community on a deeper level with others like you committed to walking the path and working with uncertainty? Join us in this 6-month mastermind & Live intensive.

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Fearless Purpose

How much would it be worth for you to overcome old patterns of putting things off, avoiding, or getting paralyzed by anxiety? The training package, including the ebook, videos and meditations, is just $33. It’s worth a thousand times that, in my view, if you put it into action.

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Mindful Focus 2.0

Create a life of focus, purpose and mindfulness, using this training program. The course includes a series of short instructional videos from Leo Babauta, split into four weekly modules, as well as recommended practice sessions to form the habit.

Mindful focus 2.0 is now part of the Fearless Living Academy