The Clutterfat Challenge: Transform Your Living Space in a Month

Post written by Leo Babauta.

Look around your living space, and imagine that half of your clutter were gone.

In one month, it will be. You’ll be living a beautiful, simple, clutter-free life.

Along with my friend Courtney Carver, I’ve created the Clutterfat Challenge — we challenge you to get rid of half your clutter in 30 days. Sign up today — it’s free!

It’s exactly like a bodyfat transformation challenge, where you might try to lose bodyfat in a month. But instead of getting rid of bodyfat, you’re getting rid of clutterfat. Trim off that excess clutter, and you’ll have a lovely streamlined living space.

Courtney and I have done this ourselves, and we’ve found incredible benefits:

Sign up for the Clutterfat Challenge, and get started:

At the end of the challenge, we’ll highlight some of the best transformations.

Update: Courtney has created a Facebook page for those who want to connect with each other during the Clutterfat Challenge.

Free Clutterfat Challenge Webinar

To help you with the challenge, I’m holding a free live webinar on Thursday (Jan. 5, 2012) at 8 pm EST. I’ll talk about some of the best ways to tackle the challenge — how to tackle your mountains of stuff, how to deal with some of the tougher items, and so on. You’ll also be able to ask me questions live.

Join me for the webinar here: Clutterfat Challenge Webinar (free, and we won’t ask for your email).

Note: The webinar won’t be on this page until 8 pm EST on Thursday (Jan. 5, 2012).

Clutterfree Course

The Clutterfat Challenge is 100% free, but we also offer the paid Clutterfree Course on January 10th to keep you motivated and excited about your journey. Through course materials, homework, live webinars and personal feedback, you’ll have all the tools you need to clear the clutter for good. Register by Saturday, January 7th.

When you register for the Clutterfree course, you’ll also receive the Clutterfree ebook with formats so you can enjoy it digitally anyway you like (Kindle, iPad, iPhone, computer), along with awesome interviews from Clutter-free experts Joshua Becker and Tammy Strobel, and my Clutterfree video Q&A.