The Minimalist Way to Declutter

By Leo Babauta

One of the best things I’ve done to change my life – along with meditation, exercise, and eating healthier – is to get rid of most of my clutter.

I downsized, and became a minimalist.

It helped me find space in my life, figure out what was important and focus on that, get rid of visual stress, simplify my life, get unstuck from the trap of consumerism, and get out of debt. Not bad for a simple set of habits!

Now, I know that not everyone wants to be a minimalist, but the ideas of reducing your possessions, downsizing your schedule, and finding space for the important things in your life … I think we can all give this some thought and focus.

So I’m offering a new course, as part of my Sea Change Program: The Minimalist Way to Declutter.

It’s a six-week video course, with about two video lessons a week. I ask you to do a daily 10-minute decluttering session, offer daily challenges in a forum, and a live video webinar where you get to ask me anything you want.

The course is part of the Sea Change membership, which is free to try for a week, then just $15 a month after that. I think it’s a great deal, for all that you get (including access to past courses on mindfulness, exercise, eating healthy).

In addition, in this course on decluttering, I’ve invited several of my favorite minimalist authors to be guest experts for a few of the lessons:

  1. Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist – on the benefits of decluttering
  2. Joshua Fields Millburn of The Minimalists – how to let go of sentimental items
  3. Courtney Carver of Be More with Less – how to pare down clothes and personal items

I’m really excited to have these guys be a part of the course!

Other lesson topics include:

Start the course today by signing up for Sea Change.