The Effortless Life: A Manual for Contentment, Mindfulness, & Flow

Post written by Leo Babauta.

I am very happy to share with you my new ebook, “The Effortless Life: A Concise Manual for Contentment, Mindfulness, & Flow.”

The book was meant to share ways to make life less of a struggle, to help you find contentment in a world where little exists, to instill a bit of mindfulness in an age of distractions.

If you’ve had problems with:

… this book was written for you.

The Effortless Life ebook and bonuses is $12 and as always, the work is uncopyrighted.

Loaded Value: This book is actually a full digital package that includes 3 ebooks and a couple bonuses:

  1. The Effortless Life ebook, in three formats: PDF, epub (for the iPad/iPhone and others), and mobi (can be used on the Kindle).
  2. The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life, another of my ebooks that I think goes really well with this new book, a $9.95 value, PDF format.
  3. Thriving on Less, an ebook that was a companion to my print book, The Power of Less. PDF format.
  4. The Simple Method for Creating Habits, a brief bonus PDF that contains my habit-creation method.
  5. The Effortless Life Q&A video, which I’ve recorded to answer common reader questions. It’s 31 minutes, online for buyers of this book only, downloadable to your computer if you wish.

This package could easily be worth $35-50, but you can purchase it below for $12.

Note: iPad and iPhone users … please see the Q&A below!

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The book is also available in the Kindle store, but without the other ebooks, bonuses or video.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is an Effortless Life?
  3. Guidelines for an Effortless Life
  4. Wu Wei and Doing Nothing
  5. True Needs, Simple Needs
  6. Reduce Your Needs
  7. Cause No Harm & Be Compassionate
  8. Have No Fixed Goals or Plans
  9. Have No Expectations
  10. The Illusion of Control
  11. Living with Chaos
  12. Living Daily without Plans
  13. Why Plans are an Illusion
  14. Be Open to the Unfolding Moment
  15. Don’t Create False Needs
  16. Be Passionate & Do Nothing You Hate Doing
  17. Don’t Rush, Go Slowly, & Be Present
  18. Create No Unnecessary Actions
  19. Find Contentment
  20. Let Go of Success & the Need for Approval
  21. Prefer Subtraction
  22. Changing Your Mindset & Getting Rid of Guilt
  23. My Experiments with an Effortless Life
  24. Be Like Water
  25. Equal Weight to Every Action
  26. Eating Simply
  27. Effortless Parenting
  28. Effortless Relationships
  29. Effortless Work
  30. Turning Complaints Into Gratitude
  31. Letting Go of Struggle
  32. Dealing with Others
  33. You’re Already Perfect
  34. Putting This Book Into Practice
  35. Effortless Writing & This Very Book

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Questions & Answers

Q: I bought the book and downloaded it to my iPad/iPhone but can’t open it!

A: The package comes in a .zip file, which is a compressed file. Download it first to your computer, then unzip it, then you can read it on your computer or read the epub version on the iPad/iPhone in the iBooks app.

Q: How do I read it on my iPad/iPhone?

A: Unzip the package on your computer, then drag the epub version into iTunes on your computer. Then sync the iPad or iPhone with iTunes on your computer, and the book should now appear in the iBooks app on your iPad/iPhone. Detailed instructions.

Q: How do I read it on my Kindle?

A: Unzip the package on your computer, connect the Kindle to your computer, open the Kindle’s drive on your computer, and drag the “mobi” version of the ebook into the documents folder on your Kindle. Simple instructions can be found in this video.