Creating Deep Shifts within Fearless Mastery

By Leo Babauta

Every round of my Fearless Mastery program has simply blown me away. At the end of the 5-month round of this small group coaching program, we celebrate our victories – and every single person has some profound inner and outer victories to share.

We just finished round 4, and I was overjoyed by the accomplishments people shared! In fact, as we accept applications for round 5 of Fearless Mastery this month, I thought you’d like to hear a few of their victories.

These are just a few samples, but you can get a taste of what people created for themselves.

Courageous Writing Habit, Deeper Meditation, Big Dreams

“Got into a habit of courageously writing about topics that are truly important to me. Intensified my meditation habit, resulting in a way steadier experience in the waves of life. Gave myself permission to dream big.”

Ville Salmensuu, emergency physician

Automated Business Systems, Boundaries at Work

“The two main victories I’m proud of are creating more automated backend systems for my business and setting boundaries around my work. The first victory was my actual project for FM. I wanted to create a business that allowed me to have more free time, which required me to create better tech systems. I don’t always consider myself a very “techie” person, so this required me to face a lot of fears around my abilities. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself! The second victory – setting boundaries – was unexpected. I didn’t even realize that I needed to set boundaries around my business, but after the Fearless Intensive week, I realized how much time I spend on social media and trying to please others by constantly “showing up” in the digital world. I set some pretty big boundaries around that, and I’m so happy! I feel like I have oodles of free time in the evenings now to do things I enjoy, like read and spend time with my kids. It feels so liberating.”

– Rose Lounsbury, simplicity coach

Grounding Practices, Space for Deeper Work, Next Level of Openness

“One of the most revealing victories for me in Fearless Mastery is the sense of peace that I feel knowing that with my new found daily practices of mediation, self-care and resourcing I’m able to dream bigger while staying grounded in the work. Other significant victories – Making space for my Why. I always felt that my daily work took me away from my why, but through FM my why was amplified and celebrated. And it became tangible and directly incorporated in my work in this world. Also a big victory for me was knowing that we as people coexisting are often in similar buckets, and to move out of those buckets into our next level takes vulnerability, openness and guidance to breathe life into a new existence with celebration and study.”
– Colleen O’Bryant, herbalist and entrepreneur (@wildroots_apothecary)

Cultivating Stillness & Being at Home

“The victory I’m most proud of is cultivating stillness within and allowing life to flow through the sacred place I’ve made. I’m finally more at home in my body and even when things are difficult I know what peace feels like and I know I can return.”

Praha Lamisa – Social Worker 

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