Happiness tip: Volunteer at least once this month

By Leo Babauta

Want to feel great about yourself? Give to others. It’s a feeling beyond anything you could get from buying something for yourself or treating yourself in any way. And it’s extremely easy to do.

During the holidays, my family volunteered for bell ringing for Salvation Army, and it was an experience we all enjoyed very much. But even better than that was when we volunteered to serve at a local homeless soup kitchen. We prepared food enough for everybody, and served it to them one night. The kids were able to see people in real need, not just someone deprived of a few sweets or television. And they were able to give something to those people. And so was I.

We were so moved by the experience that we’ve decided to make it a regular thing, and we hope to volunteer for other good causes this year as well.

Finding a good cause is easy. Look in your local newspaper. Look in the phone book. Do an online search.

Then make a phone call or send an email. Today. And sign up to volunteer once this month. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done.