Jump-Start Your Workspace: Small Changes That Improve Focus and Shorten Your Work Day

Full disclosure: I’m part owner of Web Warrior Tools, the ebook publishing company that is selling the ebook below. However, I’m only sharing this ebook because I really like it and think you will find value in it. I don’t do advertising posts here at Zen Habits, but if you’re not interested in ebooks, you can skip this post.

I’m excited to share with you a new ebook from Glen of LifeDev that I think will be of value for anyone looking to optimize their workflow and generally make the most of their time.

Jump-Start Your Workspace: Small Changes That Improve Focus and Shorten Your Work Day

What I like about the ebook is that it’s a bunch of tiny changes that are easy to make … but that will help you be more effective. It goes well with the single-tasking philosophy of Zen Habits … if you want to really focus on the task at hand, then you want a distraction-free environment that’s set up so that you have everything you need on hand, ready to go. A great workspace optimizes Flow, and that improves productivity and happiness.

Does this book contain revolutionary insights you’ve never heard of before? Maybe not. It does contain a lot of great tips — some you’ve read about but haven’t implemented, some you’ve forgotten about, some you might not have thought of yet. At only $9.95, it’s not a huge investment, but I think it is worth well more than that. And if you implement all the changes in this book and don’t find increased focus and effectiveness, I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

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Here’s a list of contents to the ebook:

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