FAQ: The Babautas Moving from San Francisco

FAQ: The Babautas Moving from San Francisco

We’re moving today (5/23/2014) from San Francisco to Davis, California.

Q: Why are you guys leaving SF?

Leo: We absolutely love San Francisco … it’s probably our favorite city in the world. However, we have a sick family member in Sacramento who is getting worse, and it’s best for us to be near him to help care for him. Davis is about 20 minutes from the relative, and I also have a son who lives in Davis, so it’s a good move for our family.

Q: Does that mean you won’t be in San Francisco?

Leo: I’ll be back in the city regularly. I can’t stay away.

Q: Will you guys still be car-free?

Leo: Unfortunately, no. We adore being car-free. And Davis is an amazing place for biking. But it’s just too hard to transport groceries and a bunch of other things with a family of our size. I know it can be done, and others better than me have done it. But we also have to be driving to Sacramento multiple times a week, going back to SF, and so on. So we already have a small minivan. However, being vegan offsets having a car, environmentally. :)

Q: What will you miss most?

Leo: My friends. Which is why I’m coming back to the city regularly, so I don’t allow our relationships to fade away. I also really love the vegan restaurants in SF, but to be honest I mostly eat at home so this won’t be a big change. The people in SF are also incredible – healthy and passionate and mindful and tolerant. More of all of those qualities than anywhere else I’ve ever been. But I’m practicing letting go of the things I hold onto most dearly (except my family – that’s Master level perhaps? :) … and I think this is good practice for me.

This is good practice for my family too, adjusting to a new home, expanding their comfort zone.

Q: What are you looking forward to in Davis?

Leo: My kids can ride their bikes around the neighborhood, and I hope to ride a bike more. There’s lots of sun, and trails nearby, a good farmer’s market, and I’ll be near my 16-year-old son more (I’ve only been seeing him on weekends until now).