Reader Contest: Design a Zen Habits T-shirt or Mug

For awhile now, readers have been asking me to put out a Zen Habits T-shirt. I think it’s a neat idea, but I’m hesitant to push products on you guys, so I have resisted actually doing this for months.

However, I’ve finally decided that if readers want to buy it, they can — I’m not going to push it on anyone, but make it available.

So what will the design look like, you ask? And my simple answer: you tell me.

I’ve decided that rather than design a T-shirt (and coffee mug) myself, and have it look horrible, I’m going to put the more aesthetically talented among you to a challenge with a reader contest.

So here’s how it works:

1. Design a logo/image or words to put on a Zen Habits T-shirt and/or coffee mug, and send in the image.

2. Submissions are due in a week (February 4, 2008). You can submit by emailing the image to zenhabits at gmail. I prefer it in jpg or gif format, no larger than 100K (for now — I may ask for a larger size if you win).

3. The submissions will be judged by a panel of experts (my wife and kids), who will select the finalists.

4. The finalists will be voted on by you, the readers.

5. The winners will receive prizes, in the form of Amazon gift certificates. I haven’t decided on the prizes yet, but I think first prize will be a $200 gift certificate, second prize will be $100, and third $50 … this could change if I add more winners, but it should be something like that. Also, you’ll win fame and glory beyond your wildest dreams. OK, maybe not that much, but you will be recognized by our readers at least.

6. The winning images will belong to me, so by submitting your images/ideas, you are signing them over to me. I will be putting them on a T-shirt and/or coffee mug, so you forfeit your rights to that stuff. If you’re not cool with that, please don’t send me your submission.

What kind of images or words am I looking for? Let your imagination run wild? The words “Zen Habits” don’t have to be included (although you can if you like), but you should think about the kinds of things we write about and talk about here on the blog, and use that as your guide. Things like happiness, simplicity, productivity … quotes I’ve provided and tips in the posts are fair game. Images in my posts are not fair game, as I don’t hold the copyright.

So let’s see what you’ve got, O Creative Readers! I know you’ll knock my socks off. :)