The Coolest, Cheapest Mother’s Day Gift Ever

Want to show your mom that you love her, but don’t have a lot of cash? Here’s the cheapest gift you can give:

Write her a blog post.

This one’s for you, mom. And for my wife, Eva, who is another great mom. I love you both! You are both amazing moms.

About my mom: She’s the most positive, caring, generous person I know. She was an incredible mom throughout my childhood, getting us through tough times and making them not tough at all. She’s always supportive, always helpful, and a wonderful grandma!

About Eva: She’s my soulmate, and an awesome mother to our kids. She made the sacrifice to stop teaching for a few years to stay home with our two youngest babies, and they are so much better off for it. She is extremely loving and supportive, and I could not do anything without her.

Happy Mother’s Day!