Building Trust in Yourself

I find that almost all problems are a breakdown in trusting ourselves.

If we could trust ourselves fully, so many things become effortless.

Let me give some examples of where we don’t trust ourselves:

Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of problems you might have, but I’m hoping you can start to see where self-trust is the key factor in all of the above, and many other problems.

So if that’s true … how do we develop trust in ourselves? Let’s first look at what’s possible if we fully trust ourselves, then look at how to develop that trust.

What’s Possible with Full Trust

If we fully trust ourselves, life becomes so much easier. We can step into the unknown, out of our comfort zone, take risks, and act with confidence. We can ask for what we want, and trust that it’s OK to want something. We can choose from the heart, and trust the heart’s desire.

Here are some things that become possible with full trust:

That’s just the start. More trust leads to us being able to fully be ourselves, and our lives become more alive, more relaxed, more joyous, more effortless.

How to Develop Trust in Ourselves

So how do we develop that kind of trust? With intentional practice.

Pick one area where you aren’t trusting yourself, and set an intention to practice:

These are where I would start. The practice of developing trust is a lifelone one. Beyond this, I would suggest you get some support — reach out to me if you’d like to work with me as a 1-on-1 coach, I’m here for that work!