Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge

By Leo Babauta

This month, I’m issuing a challenge to all of you procrastinators … and no, you can’t make the joke that you’ll do it later!

The challenge is called Undone: The Unprocrastination Challenge, and it’s a part of my Sea Change Program.

The challenge is to set aside an “unprocrastination session” every day – it just has to be 5 minutes, but could be longer – and work on the things you’ve been putting off.

It’s a training, and in the challenge I provide videos, articles and a live webinar to support your training and show you proven methods to overcome the old habit of procrastination.

You can do this, absolutely. I’ve seen thousands of people get a lot of stuff done that they’ve been putting off, and many of them saw a permanent shift in how they tackled hard things.

If you join Sea Change and do this program with us, you’ll get:

  1. Articles, videos and tips on this challenge
  2. A live video webinar with me where you can ask questions
  3. A community that will give you support and accountability
  4. Weekly check-ins
  5. The opportunity to join small teams for deeper accountability and support
  6. A habit app to help you track your habits

Are you in? Are you up for this?

Let’s do it!

Join Sea Change today (7 days free, then $19/month after)