Kickstarter Bonus: Dealing with Struggles Video Course

By Leo Babauta

As I get closer to the goal for my Habit Zen app on Kickstarter, I’ve decided to add a new bonus reward: a video course on dealing with life struggles. (Update: the campaign is over, and was successful!)

It’s for anyone who is struggling with:

I won’t be able to give you all the answers to turn your life around, but we’ll look at dealing with these difficulties and easing them.

It’ll be a four-week video course with:

  1. Twice-weekly video lessons
  2. Exercises designed to help you build skills
  3. The ability to submit your struggle – I’ll do a video or article addressing your (anonymous) case
  4. A live video webinar with me, where you can ask questions

I’m planning on launching this video course in November, and I will sell it for $200 at that time.

Guys, I am opening my heart to anyone who joins this Dealing with Struggles course. I’m not doing it for money, but because I know what it’s like to struggle. I have found some mindfulness techniques that have helped me and a lot of other people I’ve coached, and I want to help. It won’t necessarily be easy – you’ll have to put in some work – but it can be life-changing. And I’ll be there with you.

Update: the campaign is over, and was successful!.