My Mission to Change 100 Million Lives Through Uncertainty Training

By Leo Babauta

My friends, I am on a mission.

I am going to change 100 million lives through my uncertainty training, helping people shift how they deal with fear and the chaos of their lives.

Every day, we deal with doubts, with feeling overwhelmed, with frustration and anger, with loneliness and disconnection, with stress and anxiety, with discomfort and change. And in times of trouble, we deal with the uncertainty of death, massive change, illness, loss of jobs, collapsing finances and growing debt, incredible fears, shifting economy and turbulent politics.

It’s enough to make us want to give up, or run to our comforts.

But this seeking of comforts and exits, hiding from fears, lashing out at others in frustration … it only makes things worse. It’s throwing gasoline on the fire, and hoping it helps the situation.

So I’m on a mission. I want to help people shift how they deal with this massive and daily uncertainty, so that they can do meaningful work in the world.

Doing meaningful work means that we’re going to face tons of uncertainty – self-doubt, fears of failure, not knowing what we’re doing, being overwhelmed by too much to do, wanting to procrastinate and run to distractions, dealing with a constantly shifting landscape and frustrating coworkers.

But instead of running from these things, we can train ourselves to embrace the uncertainty, so that we can do the purposeful work we want to do to change the world.

Imagine doing your meaningful work while embracing the uncertainty, opening up to it with relaxation, gratitude, even joy.

That would change everything. All of a sudden, your meaningful work wouldn’t shut you down, but would be something you’d jump into. The uncertainty wouldn’t crush you with fear and stress, but would be something you’d work with mindfully, that you’d *use* to help you serve the people you care about.

You’d be able to be completely and wholeheartedly devoted to the people you serve. You’d lean into the uncertainty *for these people you care deeply about*, out of love for them.

That’s my mission. If I can help one person train this way, I’m happy. But I’m already helping nearly 200 people train this way, in my Fearless Living Academy. That is incredibly gratifying.

And it’s just the start. I’m going to change 100 million lives through this training, and it will be done in a number of ways, including:

  1. My online training program, Fearless Living Academy.
  2. Fearless Mastery mastermind + live intensives (limited to 25 people) where we go deep into training in uncertainty, conscious leadership, and deep purpose.
  3. My Fearless Purpose ebook & training package
  4. An app to help people train every day.
  5. A podcast.
  6. Live events like workshops and retreats.

That’s a lot of work, so I’m committed to building a small team (and eventually a bigger team) to make this happen. That has started as I’ve hired a Director of Operations to build and run this team.

I’m committed to making this happen, with all of my heart. I will walk through walls to accomplish this mission. I would love for you to join me.

I invite you to train with me and the community in my newest offering:

Join the Fearless Living Academy