Zen Productivity: A Workshop to Help You Find Focus, Mindfulness & Organization

By Leo Babauta

I’m really excited to start working live with all of you in a series of weekend workshops, and the first one is called Zen Productivity.

I decided to focus on productivity, organization, focus, procrastination, mindfulness and simplicity … because it’s something we all deal with, every day.

In our daily lives, we are all grappling with:

I’ve developed a system I’m calling Zen Productivity, that helps to deal with all of this.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Align yourself with a meaningful mission
  2. Pursue a meaningful direction each day, and get stuff accomplished
  3. Find clarity on what high-impact tasks to work on each day
  4. Structure your day, with flexibility, to accomplish your mission
  5. Stay on top of your todo list and process your inbox to empty
  6. Strengthen your ability to be focused & mindful, and less distracted
  7. Overcome procrastination by training in discomfort & uncertainty
  8. Simplify to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed
  9. Learn to deal simply with stress & anxiety
  10. Create space for play, stillness, exercise & meditation
  11. Allow for uncertainty in your life, and get good at being in it

I can’t wait to work on these skills with all of you!

I’m coming this month to New York City (Nov. 11 & 12) and San Francisco (Nov. 18 & 19) … and the SF tickets still have “early bird” pricing for a couple more days, so grab them asap.

In December, I’ll be going to Los Angeles (Dec. 9 & 10) and San Diego (Dec. 16 & 17), and there’s still early bird prices on those tickets as well. More cities and dates to come for 2018, so  sign up here to get notified of more workshops.

Read more about the Zen Productivity Workshop here.