Essential Zen Habits of 2013

By Leo Babauta

What an amazing year.

For me and Zen Habits, which just finished its 7th year of existence, 2013 was a year of pure joy.

Writing for all of you is a blessing, a ton of fun, a life I love living.

Here are some of the highlights of 2013 for me and Zen Habits:

I don’t know how much Zen Habits grew in readership — usually I share my readership numbers, which grow each year, but this year I stopped tracking my numbers. Instead, I’ve been focusing on how I can best help people.

But by any measure, it was a great year. Thank you, all of you.

And 2014 will be a big year too: I’m going to write and self-publish my best book ever, titled Zen Habits.

The Best Zen Habits Posts of 2013

Now that I’ve gotten the bragging out of the way, here are my favorite Zen Habits post from 2013:

  1. Do Less: A Short Guide
  2. Advice to My Kids
  3. My Pursuit of the Art of Living
  4. Self-Discipline in 5 Sentences
  5. Letter to an 18-year-old on the Career Path Less Traveled
  6. The Way to Be
  7. I Failed
  8. The Not Knowing Path of Being an Entrepreneur
  9. How to Savor Life
  10. Lyrical Learning, & Why We Learn Habits Wrong
  11. Discomfort Zone: How to Master the Universe
  12. Sticking to a Habit: The Definitive Guide
  13. A Guide to Practical Contentment
  14. My Advice for Starting a Business
  15. Living the Quiet Life
  16. The Futility of Comparing Yourself to Others
  17. Simplify.
  18. The 7 Habits of Calmness
  19. 12 Indispensable Mindful Living Tools
  20. Things Every Man Should Own

And more

For more best of Zen Habits: