Essential Zen Habits of 2020

By Leo Babauta

What a freaking year it’s been. I don’t need to tell you. It’s been chaos and grief and frustration and anxiety and much more.

It’s also been a year of growth for me, and for my mission. In fact, in that area, it’s been one of the best years ever.

In this post, I’ll share some of my best posts of the year, but also some huge highlights of the year for me and Zen Habits. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this blog for 14 years now!

In the next week, I’ll also be sharing opportunities to create something huge for yourself with some of my offerings. More on that soon!

A Year of Growth

This year my team & I launched Fearless Mastery, my mastermind program aimed at helping people train in the uncertainty of their meaningful missions. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever launched, and one of the most rewarding. We worked with some incredible leaders in the mastermind – they were truly incredible.

Here are some highlights from my past year:

I traveled the least I’ve traveled in the last 15 years, because of this pandemic. It was actually pretty great staying at home – I did a lot of walking, some running and strength training, a bunch of meditation, and lots of coaching and creating.

More incredible things coming in 2021!

Essential Zen Habits Posts of 2020

To wrap up this year, here are my favorite Zen Habits posts from 2020:

  1. A Key to Healing Our Divide
  2. The Practice of Meticulous Attention
  3. The Honest Guide to Mindfulness
  4. Time Management for Top Performers
  5. Work Less
  6. Reminder: 8 Practices to Get Still & Calm
  7. Find Freedom of the Mountain in Everything You Do
  8. When Your Task List is Overwhelmingly Long
  9. The Importance of Meditation in Crazy Times
  10. The New Normal

And more

For more best of Zen Habits: